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I had dated Ifeanyi since we were in secondary school and I really love him. But we couldn’t marry eachother because he was not wealthy as at the time I was ripe for marriage.

So I married Ekene a very wealthy importer in Lagos. Five months after our marriage, Ifeanyi my secondary school sweetheart came to Lagos to learn a trade, I ran into him one Saturday afternoon in Idumota.

My Husband Keeps Beating Me, Should I Pack Out?

So we started seeing each other and sharing old time stories. One thing led to another and we made love and I became pregnant. Because I really loved Ifeanyi, I decided to keep his baby as against aborting it. So I passed it on as my husband’s.

I kept seeing Ifeanyi over the years and we kept making love. Again I got pregnant for him and I passed it on as my husband’s like I did the first one. I really loved how Ifeanyi treats me.

My Husband Keeps Beating Me, Should I Pack Out?

Now my conscience is bitting me, am no longer comfortable keeping this secret to myself. I can no longer best the guilt

I just don’t know how I will tell Ekene that our two children are not his own.

Please Advice Me.

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Tell My Husband That Our Kids Are Not His Own?”

  1. The truth is that you are wicked woman. You need to pray to God and ask him to forgive you. Then find hour you can tell your husband. But my dear, your marriage is over

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