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Titi and I have been married for three years now and things have been going very smooth. I couldn’t pray for a better wife.

But things unraveled for us when Titi was transferred from Lagos where we are based at to Abuja. Because of the long distance travel and stress from jumping planes every other weekend, we only see eachother four times in a month.

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In the meantime, Titi’s best friend Ope has been helping me run errands and keeping things easy and simple. I like how she cooks, I like how she addresses me, I enjoy her company so much and she never bothers or nag at me.

Titi came to spend the weekend with me just last week and I couldn’t help but notice the differences between her and Ope. I prefer Ope to my wife. I no longer have feelings for my wife. It is Ope’s company that I want.

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