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I work in an insurance company, and I love my job. I like the thrill of meeting targets and achieving organisational goals.

But lately, my Boss have been insisting that he wants to make love with me. But I am newly married and I love my husband.

Because I keep refusing, he is threatening to get me sacked, I love my husband and I love my job too. I am so confused right now.

How Do I Tell My Wife That I Have Impregnated My Secretary?

Please Advice Me.

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4 thoughts on “My Boss Wants To Have Sex With Me But I Am Happily Married.”

  1. You will need to tell your husband about this and be prepared to make the sacrifice to resign from that place

  2. Tell him that you are pregnant and that he should give you time to deliver.Then start saving for the rainy day and start looking for another job. If invited for an interview tell him you are going for antenatal clinic. Later, if he still persists tell him that your pastor told you one on one that if you do adultery that the man will die within 30 days and that you should be careful.

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